"Chaya is a dynamo! I don't think there has been ONE occasion that I left there not feeling like I couldn't knock down a wall! I'm never bored. Chaya seamlessly puts together such challenging and creative workouts that I can't wait to come back. She's tough with a smile. And if you look at her body, you can't but want to do whatever exercise you asks you to do- she's the best!!"- Sunshine

"Chaya... is so very pleasant as she puts a heavy kettle bell in your hand and asks you to do 15 squats with solid form. I am just waiting for the soreness to kick in from today's workout!  One of my favorite parts is the variety - from ropes and weights to tires and machines, Chaya keeps me on my toes (sometimes literally). My workouts are a great investment of time and money."- Paula
"Chaya, has fashioned workouts that have helped me reach my goals. I have pulled a weighted sled, flipped a truck tire, whipped ropes and swung kettlebells in addition to other more familiar modes of training. And it has worked! I feel great and am motivated to keep coming back. You couldn't ask for more if you are serious about gaining and maintaining fitness."- Bill

"I've had 2 training sessions with Chaya and she has re-motivated me during a time when I was so tired of working out and had hit a plateau with my weight lost. I am looking forward to loosing 10, 15 then 20lbs more and physically get to my peak! Thanks Chaya!!- Tanisha