Sunday, March 25, 2012

NEWEST EPIC TEAM MEMBER! Katt! Coming to an ABA near you!

Introducing Newest
Epic Figures Team Member

Kathy Johnson is a 48 year old professional who started with Epic Figures late in 2011 with dreams to compete in her first show. I knew right away she meant business. One of the first things she told me is that she either "does it well or not at all". There is no half stepping with Katt!
Kathy is extremely dedicated and continues to be a hard worker both in and out of the gym. She is thorough in her research and approach and wants to put her best foot forward. She has come a great distance and her physique is improving every step of the way!
I'm looking forward to seeing Kathy on the stage in two weeks. Both of her coaches will be right there rooting her on!
Go Katt! GO! 

 Katt February 2012

 Katt March 2012!

For more information on joining Epic Figures Team or training at Definition Fitness, contact Chaya at

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome to week 7! 5 Mo To Go! Thank God for tea!

Here we are, three weeks after my last set of progress photos shot at 8 weeks. All photos are taken under the same lighting, same place, no food or water in my belly.
My weight is about 5-6lb down from where I was in my last set of update photos.
This prep has been a toughy! It's not the diet/ workouts per se but my hectic work schedule. My days start at 545am and end at 8pm due to my traffic commute. It's definitely not ideal. It has been extremely stressful but I'm hanging in there. My work buddies are extremely supportive and are aware of my endeavors!
On thing that I have grown to love is tea!! Oh my! I love tea!!! All kinds of tea! White tea, green tea, red tea caffeinated,decaf, I love em all. My favorites are by Republic
Of Teas and Teavana. I have grown quite a collection. I have a workmate who also has a love for teas. She brings her collection to work, has a little tea set like me and we swap loose leaf teas! It's crazy I know. But it's delicious and it helps me through my cravings for something "not on plan"!

So here was are. More than halfway through prep for contest nĂºmero UNO of the season. I'm expecting (more like hoping) these last few weeks will breeze by!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

8-weeks out update!

So welcome to week 4 of contest prep! Here I am bright and early in the morning, no food, no water, no makeup wearing the coke bottle glasses, YIKES!

Prep is moving along...
I'm feeling tired these days with prep, working full time with a 1.5 commute each way and training clients in the evening, but I am pushing through. I have to say, I don't think Ive ever wanted anything as bad as I want to have an awesome 2012 season.
I'm feeling blessed to have a great suit sponsor like Tamee Marie, a great beau to keep me sane and wonderful host of friends and family that support me 100%.
I apologize for looking  a  mix between "Beat it" and "Thriller" in this picture but I thought Id share with you my progression.
Thanks again for your continued support!