Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a comic strip!

Week 3- Are we there yet?

Three weeks until the start of contest season! I'm so ready to get this first show underway I dont know what to do!
I think Ive checked all my lists at least twice! Shoes, hotel, travel, jewelry, makeup, hair, tanning, check, check, check, check, check!
Although this prep was relatively enjoyable (contest prep-wise) I feel like Ive been in prep for 52-weeks and its only week 9. Yo. Im ready to get this show on the road!

Lets do this!

Monday, March 21, 2011

"I dont think you're ready for this jelly!" 4-weeks to go!

Although I appreciate Destiny's Child's Ode to the "JUICY DOUBLE", I'm trying to reduce, reuse and recycle this tail I'm dragging! Its always been a trouble spot of mine when it comes to competing.
It's definitely coming along, and firming up, I'm just going to have to keep it on pushing! It's funny how a pair of size 26 jeans will be a bit baggy on me right now, but a two piece figure suit can amplify it like I'm Buffy the Body! Aye, aye, aye. I guess "It is what it is!"

Perhaps I am being too critical of myself, I have no idea. All I know is that I am going to work like never before for these last four weeks. A dear friend said to me the other day that I had already won before I actually stepped on the stage. I look puzzled and they went on to say that no matter who the judges determine as the winner, I had already won based on the amount of work and effort I'd been putting in.

Makes sense :)

Either way, thank goodness I still have 4 weeks left to do some damage which I plan to do! I plan to incorporate the prowler and the sled into my last few weeks of prep which has worked well for me in the past. Only time will tell!

I cant stop, cant stop now!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What in BAKED BEANS IS THIS????Welcome to week 5!

Welcome to Week-5 and I'm "straight west coastin'"!
I'm getting nervous  which is normal for me. I start getting OCD about everything from my workouts to my hair and makeup. Good news is that I keep my eyes on the prize and my focus forward. No cutting corners at this point.
However, I am human and I have accepted that. I've had a few bobbles here and there, one including a 2am meet- up with a 3- year old can of baked beans in my kitchen cabnet. Cold and straight out the can. It wasn't until I was halfway though devouring the can of cold baked beans that I came to my senses. Who would've ever thought a can of uncooked baked beans would have ever tasted so "yummy and delicious"? Well the can is gone now and all temptations are out of my kitchen. There isn't a bag of popcorn, jar of peanut butter  box of jiffy mix or can of soup anywhere in sight. Sadly, this is what I have to do. If I can manage to make something with a few cans of kidney beans and a bottle of flax seed oil, then we are in trouble!
I have my new Tamee Marie suit now which I really, really love! I'm considering saving it until a bigger show, since it's super, glitzy but I haven't decided.
I'm still feeling positive and hopeful and will keep moving forward as I always do. All I know is that without the immense support from my  family, friends and clients, there is no way I would be as focused as I am.
This update is for you <3