Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An EPIC FIGURE Spotlight! Welcome to Peak WEEK!

I am proud of all of my clients this season! Every competitor has put in at least 12 grueling weeks of training and dieting. I just wanted to take the opportunity to SPOTLIGHT one of my posing clients.
After 8 short weeks of hour long, weekly, posing sessions, I believe she's a definite ROCKSTAR!
Only  four short days to go!
Epic Figures is proud of you and you are for sure an EPIC FIGURE!

Tear up the stage this weekend girlfriend! XOXOXOXOXOX

Stage pictures and results to follow after this weekend :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brides R' US TOO!

That's right! Definition Fitness/ Epic Figures has love for the brides too! DF-EF is more than just a training group of figure competitors and body builders! In fact we have had our share of brides this season as well.

First to tie the knot was ROMINA "Romi" Tonucci, a long time client of mine. Romi is an avid runner with complaints of "lack of booty-dom". Romi loves to run, but unfortunately this leads to her "losing girth " in her posterior region. Romina was having a beautiful destination wedding in Aruba and wanted to make sure she looked amazing for her wedding dress and for the beach. Romi was able to achieve that and more! In addition to being and amazingly beautiful bride, she was also able to achieve a personal best for the Soldier Field ten mile run. She ran it in 1h:24m or 8:26min per mile average. Romi comments, " I couldn't have done it without ya!"Her next goal is to run the rock n roll half marathon in august in 8min/mile. 
Romi is a hard, focused athlete in the gym and outside of the gym. When she trains, she comes to work!
Congrats Romi! Loves ya XOXOXOXO!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Posing Workshops are BACK!!!!!!!!!

Chaya Boone First Place Finisher at 2011 NPC Junior Nationals Class E!


Saturday September 10, 2011

HIFI Personal Fitness
820 N Orleans
Chicago, Illinois


You must RSVP to attend!
Contact Chaya to RSVP or for more information

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pictures of Friends from 2011 NPC Junior Nationals

June 18, 2011 The night History was MADE! I was ONE OF THE SIX!

On this night History was made in the NPC. All 6 figure height class winners were African American Queens. I could never be more proud than to be ONE of the SIX on that special night! I love my sisters!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 NPC Junior Nationals

First Place
Figure Class E!

Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Junior Nationals Pre-Judge Quick Wrap!

Friday June 17, 2011-PREJUDGE
6am-Wake up- Hungry-first thought "Food"
6:10am- Bathroom ritual-look at abs. Thank the heavens above that abs have shown up and stayed around!
6:29am- Beg PHOTOGRAPHER to please wake up and take progress photos to send to Coach Ledin so I can eat and to Coach Ko so he can stop biting his nails

6:31am-Check email to see if Coach Ledin has responded with further instruction
6:32am- Check email to see if Coach Ledin has responded with further instruction
6:33am- Check email to see if Coach Ledin has responded with further instruction
6:34am- Check email to see if Coach Ledin has responded with further instruction
6:35am- Wonder if Erik has any idea how long 5 minutes is when your metabolism is 100mph and all you can think about is breakfast?
6:36am-Call hotel for the 15th time this week to confirm that they have indeed put refrigerator in room
6:40am-Check email to see if Coach Ledin has responded with further instruction . AH AH the pearly gates have opened and I can eat! Hallelu-yer!
6:41am-Finished eating.

6:42- bathroom break
8:55am-Coach Ko responds. Clearly he has just woken up. Thanks Will
9:00am- Hair appt- falling asleep in chair. Feeling like the chick from Deuce Bigalow.Hairdresser clearly annoyed with me but doesn't realize that keeping my head from nodding off while she places the extensions in my hair is like asking me to explain Einstein's theory of relativity in Korean. Give her the side-eye. Fall asleep in chair.
9:10-bathroom break
9:18- bathroom break
9:24- bathroom break
9:30-bathroom break....

11:00am-Makeup. Thankful that makeup artist spends 15 minutes on each eyelid. That's like a half hour nap. If only I could keep my head from nodding so much.

11:15am- bathroom break
12:30- Sitting in car contemplating eating cold meat and potatoes. I'm hungry. Sounds delicious. Bust out scale. BAM! Lunch time!
12:31pm- Head to host hotel for Jan Tana Spray Tanning by Tan Couture

1:29pm- Beeline to the bathroom!!
1:30pm- Spray tan time from TanCouture. Haven't known these ladies more than 5 minutes and I'm already naked. Wow. That was quick. Best Tan ever!!!
3:00pm- Competitors meeting aka nap number 3
3:30pm- Check into hotel- Eat more meat and potatoes, put final touches on my pre-judge package. Feeling good and ready.

4:30pm- Go over last minute posing with IFBB Pro Sandi.

5:00pm-Bust out the food scale in the middle of the Hyatt lobby. More meat and potatoes mmmmm!
6:00pm Pump up time- aka excuse to eat some crap and try to remember to pick up some weights and pump up

6:28pm-pre-stage private ritual. I do it every contest since my first in 2007.
6:30pm- Curtain call for Figure E, quarter turn to the right, quarter turn to the right, smile, wave
6:30pm- "127, 127, 127, please judges just say, 127 for CRYING OUT LOUD!"
6:31pm- first call out, #127.

I have to say today was a good day!
7:00pm- bathroom break!

Stay Tuned for Part II!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reflections: 5 days out from Jr Nationals!

It's 5 days out from NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago, Illinois , it's 1am and I am wide awake like it's the night before Christmas! I'm tired, I have to get up super early, something is telling me to take my butt to bed but I am beaming with excitement.
After a successful season of state shows thus far, I feel more prepared to tackle the National stage. My support network has grown in ways I've never imagined. I have met some truly incredible people and have gotten the opportunity to work with the best. I know that I have given 100% effort and I have already won even though I haven't stepped on the stage. The work is done, the rest is just a "show and tell".
This prep has had its ups and downs as they all do. One day I'm Rocky Marciano, the next day I feel like a washed up Mike Tyson; always ready for a fight, but lacking the motivation to put in the work. Thanks to my strong network of family and friends, it has been hard trying to stay down for any 10-count. I hear them echoing in my ear "Get up girl!" "Fight" " You Trippin, really Chaya?"
I have been blessed, stressed at times, but eternally blessed. My family is wonderful, my friends are wonderful and my relationship is building. It's an exciting time and my life is taking a new shape.
As I enter in to this final competition of the year, I'll remember that the work has already been done. Have fun, rock the stage and SHOW OUT!!!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Progress Tracker!


Chaya Boone

What an incredible start to the 2011 Contest Season! I have to say it really was an incredibly, well- run show and I would do it again in a heart beat! It was awesome to compete next to my homegirl Brittany Ramsey who took First Place in Figure Short!
Go Britt-Britt!
Brittany Ramsey (1st place Figure Short) and Chaya Boone (1st place Figure Tall/ Overall Winner)

It was just an amazing experience from start to finish! I had a host of friends and family to drive all the way to Iowa to support me. It was all very overwhelming and unexpected. I couldn't and I still can't thank everyone enough. I had a fabulous victory dinner at the most perfect restaurant DUCK CITY (shout out to Chef Charles)! I had the most exquisite Paella and luxuriated in one glass of Merlot. The one glass took me about one hour to finish and I was REEEEEEEELLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXED!
DUCK CITY of Davenport, IA

Chef Charles of Duck City

 I am just sincerely happy that everything went on without a hitch from start to finish! Everything was hand selected in preparing for this contest. Everything from:
 My Suit by Competitive Edge

My nails
My hair (by Tracy and some Poor Malaysians named "Remy" and "Yaki:") and Makeup (by Yana Brittney)

and last but not least

But that's ok! My NEW jacket is already ordered and on it's way!

 Many thanks to my wonderful family who have supported me through thick and thin, mommy, daddy, yan-yan, auntie, monie, meya, nique, nini, danni and more

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY GOON SQUAD aka the only two MARRIED men that I will listen to besides my dad!

Half man/ Half Beefcake
NPC Nationally Ranked Bodybuilder/ Future Pro and Trainer Extraordinaire
Dr. Willes Ko of Ko Wellness and Rehab

And the Smartest man with the driest sense of humor besides my own that I know and (((heart))) until he says something crazy that sends me into overdrive

(can I get a rear lat spread and calf spike?)

Check back for my weekly update on Sunday and you can find me BACK on the stage in
3 weeks and 3 days!