Thursday, April 21, 2011

Progress Tracker!


Chaya Boone

What an incredible start to the 2011 Contest Season! I have to say it really was an incredibly, well- run show and I would do it again in a heart beat! It was awesome to compete next to my homegirl Brittany Ramsey who took First Place in Figure Short!
Go Britt-Britt!
Brittany Ramsey (1st place Figure Short) and Chaya Boone (1st place Figure Tall/ Overall Winner)

It was just an amazing experience from start to finish! I had a host of friends and family to drive all the way to Iowa to support me. It was all very overwhelming and unexpected. I couldn't and I still can't thank everyone enough. I had a fabulous victory dinner at the most perfect restaurant DUCK CITY (shout out to Chef Charles)! I had the most exquisite Paella and luxuriated in one glass of Merlot. The one glass took me about one hour to finish and I was REEEEEEEELLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXED!
DUCK CITY of Davenport, IA

Chef Charles of Duck City

 I am just sincerely happy that everything went on without a hitch from start to finish! Everything was hand selected in preparing for this contest. Everything from:
 My Suit by Competitive Edge

My nails
My hair (by Tracy and some Poor Malaysians named "Remy" and "Yaki:") and Makeup (by Yana Brittney)

and last but not least

But that's ok! My NEW jacket is already ordered and on it's way!

 Many thanks to my wonderful family who have supported me through thick and thin, mommy, daddy, yan-yan, auntie, monie, meya, nique, nini, danni and more

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY GOON SQUAD aka the only two MARRIED men that I will listen to besides my dad!

Half man/ Half Beefcake
NPC Nationally Ranked Bodybuilder/ Future Pro and Trainer Extraordinaire
Dr. Willes Ko of Ko Wellness and Rehab

And the Smartest man with the driest sense of humor besides my own that I know and (((heart))) until he says something crazy that sends me into overdrive

(can I get a rear lat spread and calf spike?)

Check back for my weekly update on Sunday and you can find me BACK on the stage in
3 weeks and 3 days!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Clients Looking Fabulous Even on Vacation!

Just wanted to take a moment to recognize my Fabulous "Somewhat Forty" EPIC FIGURES clients Shanon and Shea! As I aspire to "be them" when I grow up I am also inspired by their strength and fortitude in the gym. Their "pull up game" is OFFICIAL.
These beautiful ladies went on a fabulous cruise last week, represented EPIC FIGURES and looked amazing (**ahem**nevermind the vodka and tonic in Shea's hand).
Look out for them soon this season!

Shanon at 2010 NPC Natural Midstates in Rockford

Shea at NPC Continental 2010 in Ottawa