Thursday, January 21, 2010

What would it take??

What would it take?

I pose this question to myself and anyone else who would love to chime in!
What would it take for you to make the changes necessary in your life to reach your full potential? Do you just need 24 hours, one more week, one last hearty meal, a wedding to plan, a heart attack, a show to compete in or a wake up call?

Dont worry Im didnt use this blog to preach but as an opportunity to discuss what it might take for us to change our lives for the better. Why do we settle for ok? Why are we happy being mediocre? As I have discussed before, looking healthy doesnt mean being happy.

In my field, I have met the most amazing looking people with 'screwed up mentals'. No joke. You meet alot of people who are using their physical appearance to compensate for low self esteem and body dysmorphia.
Dont be BIG on the outside and be "LITTLE MINDED"! Get outta here!

So I ask everyone, what will it take for you to be healthy inside and out?

A support group?
Someone to hold you accountable like a therapist or trainer?
A swift kick in the ass?



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My neck, my back....Im back!

Sorry for the hiatus! All is well!

I have a question that I would like to pose for the ladies:
What is most important to you when you think about your ideal shape?
A. Achieving the hour glass figure
B. Getting small shapely noticeable muscles
C. Getting as slim as healthly possible
D. Making sure your top matches your bottom
E. Other

For me my ideal shape seems to be a forever uphill battle! First off, I whole heartedly believe that everyone should incorporate exercise regularly in their day to day. So assuming that we are all doing this or trying our best, it just still seems hard to just be happy with what you've got.
In my sport of figure bodybuilding, exercise and nutrition are paramount when training during your off-season and on- season. In order to grow in your off-season you have to eat more but stay clean in your choices and in your on season you are eating a bit less and you MUST stay clean in your choices. I just seem to have a hard time growing in certain places, namely my back and shoulders. Some may say  that I have great shoulders. Dont get me wrong, Im happy to have shoulders but growing them remains and ongoing challenge.

Until I achieve this impossible dream, I will continue to love and appreciate my shoulders and watch them grow, slowly. It will happen in time.

So this goes for all of you ladies as well. Whether its a hour glass figure you  desire or slender muscles, it will come! Just stay patient and remain on the  path.

If you need a workout plan to get you there, please let me know :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My chicken smells funny...

...ate it anyways!
Tell me please, what's up with that?!?! Maybe it's just me, but do you ever find yourself thinking twice about something, sometimes three or four times, and doing it even though it doesn't feel right?

For me this is a challenge that I face in more ways than "Chicken". Last night I spent over two hours preparing and baking chicken breasts for the rest of the week. I took time applying the proper seasons, juices, accents veggies and more! Once it came out of the over, it was ever so juicy and succulent and I looked forward to eating it the next day. I prepared and carefully measured my food and placed them in plastic containers and placed them in my lunch box. Ready? Set!

To my dismay, I woke up this morning and the lunchbox was still sitting on the counter. Food was deliciously ROOM TEMP! Yuck! Something told me "Dont eat it!" But my ego said that I spent all night cooking and there was no way that I was going to waste it. I told myself that if it tasted funny I would NOT eat it.

Well clearly, tasting funny is not enough because it also smelled funny. Still not enough for me not to eat it! I ate all my meals today like a good girl, funny tasting chicken and all.

When will I start to pay attention to my instincts and not eat it? Maybe after a night of tummy aches!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I need you!!!

At least that it what I tell my shaker, food scale, magic blender etc :) I really dont know life without them!

Food is life!

After eating 100% clean two days straight, I am convinced that food really is LIFE! Don't get me wrong, working out and meditation is important too, but if your nutrition is jacked up, you're missing a big piece of the puzzle.
Currently I am on what you would call an off-season diet. On-season, is normally 12-16 weeks out from a figure competition. During your on-season your goal is the lean out or diet down so that you can lose a much fat as needed while maintaining as much muscle as possible. NOT FUN!!!

I am on an off season diet. I am about 6-7 months (24-28 weeks) out from my first competition of the year. I have been on an off season diet for approximate 6 weeks so far. The goal is that I will gain lean mass or muscle and a little fat. Fat gain is unavoidable but you want to keep it to a minimum so you dont have to pay for your mistakes during your on-season.

A sample of my offseason diet:
Meal 1
4 egg whites + 1 whole egg
40g oatmeal
1 serving fruit
Post Workout Meal
1 scoop whey protein
Any low-fat carbohydrate to total approximately
40-42g of carbohydrate while not exceeding 200
Meal 2
1 serving Greek yogurt
2 servings fruit
3 fish oil capsules
Meal 5
85g chicken breast
130g brown rice
3 fish oil capsules
Meal 3
85g chicken breast
125g baked sweet potatoes
2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Meal 6
1 scoop whey protein
30g natural peanut butter
Off Days
 Yum Yum eat up!

Officially broke up with my BOO Mrs. Winters :(

Good news? Ive been eating clean for the most part and have seen some healthy gains :) Whoohoo!
Bad news? I so could have done better! Im a SLAVE to cake and don't get me started on my BOO Mrs. Winters! Everyone from the south side of Chicago should know who Mrs. Winters is. She makes these ridiculously HUGE cake HUNKS found in your friendly neighborhood J and Js, Harolds, Walgreens and more.
Mrs. Winters is the DEBIL and she gets me everytime with the 2 for $5.00 cakes at the cash register.
So I had to break up with Mrs. Winters. At least its a trial separation for now :)
She tried to get me today with her Lunchroom butter cookies! NO AVAIL! Get behind me Mrs. Winters!
 I am 100% on during the week and will enjoy a treat on the weekend. Until then, its game time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You read correctly GIT BIG! Im currently enjoying an amazing offseason diet! I have my LIFE back, kinda :)
I competed two times in 2009 with the NPC and did pretty well. My conditioning was spot on according to the judges I just need MORE SIZE. So I am enjoying a 4 day split these days lifting HEAVY and no cardio. Life just doesn't get any better. Im lifting heavier than I ever have and Im expecting to see those numbers to continue to go up!
I plan to compete in May in a regional NPC show and then compete in my first National NPC show in June if everything goes well! I just need to GIT BIG. So Im eating clean but Im eating more and enjoying every last bite! Carbs really are my friend. Its only been about 6 weeks and Im already seeing some slight gains! Ill be posting updated phots in the next week or so but these were taken in December. Please ignore the white socks and the clear heels :)

Welcome to my Fitness Blog!

Welcome to my first entry! I am so excited to start my blog and continue my lifelong fitness journey with you! Fitness is a way of life for me and I can't imagine it not being apart of my life. Even as a small child, I remember my mother taking me to her aerobics classes. She made sure that she enrolled me in ballet and gymnastics early on. I was lucky to have a mom like her <3. Currently I work as an Exercise Physiolgist and Personal Trainer in the Chicagoland area. I LOVE IT! I'm also a budding figure competitor. I started off as a professional dancer and just couldn't stay away from the stage after I ended that part of my career. So here I am! I'll be competing at least twice this year, with one competition being on the National level.
I am so happy to have you to be a part of my new blog! I'll be sharing amazing nutrition tips, exercise ideas, videos and more! Stay tuned!