Thursday, November 18, 2010


Whew what a year! 
Time for a quick recap, review and game plan for 2011!

April 10, 2010- ABA Natural Illinois Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships 
Bolingbrook, IL
Shanon Competes in Figure Open Category- Great Showing!

June 18-19, 2010- NPC Junior National Bodybuilding Championships,  
Chicago, Illinois
Chaya Competes in Figure Class E- 9th Place! 

Second Call Out
September 18, 2010- Tiger Pulliam Bodybuilding Championships 

Chicago, Illinois
Shenka Competes in her First Contest- Figure Open Class- 2nd Place!

Shenka Purple Tamee Marie Suit

October 9, 2010- NPC Continental USA 

Ottawa, Illinois
Shea Competes in her First NPC Contest- Figure Masters- 3rd Place! 
Shenka Competes in her First NPC Contest- Figure Tall- 1st Place!
                                                                                 Masters- 4th Place!

Shenka (Purple Suit) and Shea (Red Suit second from right) in Master's Figure Line Up

Shea in Master's Figure

Shea 3rd Place Master's Figure

Shenka (Purple Suit) Master's Figure

Shenka (Center) Figure Tall Winner and Nationally Qualified!

Shea and Shenka Posing Pretty with their Trophies!

November  6, 2010- NPC Midwest Ironman Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championship

Chicago, Illinois
Valerie Competes in her First NPC Competition- Amazing JOB!!

November  13, 2010- NPC Natural Mid- states Muscle Classic XXIII Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships

Chicago, Illinois
Shanon Competes in her First NPC Competition- Master's Figure- Best Package Yet!!
Valerie Competes in Figure Class D and Master's Figure- Incredible Stage Presence!

Go Shanon!

Shea, Shanon and Chaya
Shanon in Figure Class B Line Up

Valerie in Master's Figure Line up

Showing our Pearly Whites!

A Review!
What an Exciting Year! The ladies have grown and done such a tremendous job! I am excited at what awaits in 2011! All of us have grown exponentially. We are disciplined, more experienced and stage savvy! We have all had at least some stage time and now we are HUNGRY for more. We are working on a schedule now, but with the same amount discipline they brought in 2010, 2011 promises to be an even better year!

What's Next?
This weekend we will be participating in our first video and photo shoot which promises to yield some beautiful photos!

Next year we will be headed to even more National shows and other regional contests Nationwide! The website will debut and much, much more!

Thanks for following us!