Monday, June 13, 2011

Reflections: 5 days out from Jr Nationals!

It's 5 days out from NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago, Illinois , it's 1am and I am wide awake like it's the night before Christmas! I'm tired, I have to get up super early, something is telling me to take my butt to bed but I am beaming with excitement.
After a successful season of state shows thus far, I feel more prepared to tackle the National stage. My support network has grown in ways I've never imagined. I have met some truly incredible people and have gotten the opportunity to work with the best. I know that I have given 100% effort and I have already won even though I haven't stepped on the stage. The work is done, the rest is just a "show and tell".
This prep has had its ups and downs as they all do. One day I'm Rocky Marciano, the next day I feel like a washed up Mike Tyson; always ready for a fight, but lacking the motivation to put in the work. Thanks to my strong network of family and friends, it has been hard trying to stay down for any 10-count. I hear them echoing in my ear "Get up girl!" "Fight" " You Trippin, really Chaya?"
I have been blessed, stressed at times, but eternally blessed. My family is wonderful, my friends are wonderful and my relationship is building. It's an exciting time and my life is taking a new shape.
As I enter in to this final competition of the year, I'll remember that the work has already been done. Have fun, rock the stage and SHOW OUT!!!!


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