Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Epic Figures Season!

Welcome to the 2012 Contest Season
15- Weeks out!

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Well almost! Give me about 15-weeks to REALLY unveil! I am happy to announce the end of  a PRODUCTIVE OFFSEASON!

I have PACKED on the pounds and put on some SIZE! YEP! Lets keep it real ya'll! I have been eating and lifting as heavy as I possibly can for the past 6.5 months! I have reached my highest off season weight ever, ON PURPOSE :) I have always been afraid to put on weight during my off season, staying anywhere from 6-10lbs from contest weight. Although it kept me looking "fit and trim" I was unable to make much change in my physique.

My biggest goal this off season has been to widen and thicken my back and grow a couple of " Dwight Howard" boulders on these shoulders!I am happy with the results I have achieved and now its time to spend the next 15- weeks pealing back the layers. This will be my longest prep I have done as they have traditional been 10-12 week preps. We are using the extra time to make sure I'm dialed in and ready to present the best package ever!

I have to say I am truly excited about this season! I will start my season in 15-weeks with a warmer regional contest out of state and will then make an appearance at NPC Jr. USAs in May. I have assembled an awesome team and have a Tamee Marie sponsorship to make sure I look great on stage!

Epic Figures has teamed up with the great Dr. Willes Ko and will be assisting the coaching of a serious group of athletes ready to dominate the stage in 2012! 

There are lots of big changes for me in 2012. I am nervous, anxious, excited and READY!

Let's do this!

Stay tuned for bi-weekly updates!!!




  1. I'm glad I know you....looking good....can't wait to see the end results!!

  2. Glad to know you as well! We are all in this together girl!