Sunday, September 12, 2010

Important Message to all Competitors!

Welcome to competition season!

It's an exciting time for everyone as we prepare our last meals, practice walking in our 5 inch shoes and do those last few bouts of cardio. Although some may be feeling a bit anxious or nervous it is still important to remain calm in to ensure that those last few steps towards your preparation are not overlooked!

Don't Forget:
  • To eat all of your meals: Peak week is the most difficult week for most competitors, but often times, the biggest changes in your body happens this week as well. So it is most important that you are following your meal plan to the LETTER.
  • To pack your competition day bag: Make a list and check it twice! The last thing you want to do is forget your suit on the day of competition. Start making a list of items to bring and pack your bag days or weeks before your competition
  • To follow your weight training and cardio plan: Think of this as your "last chance workout". If your body isn't where it should be according to your 12 or 16 week prep schedule this last week won't make much of a difference. However, if you are on schedule., stick with the process no matter how hard it is. Only a few more days to go!
  • To hone in on your stage presence: You should be feeling most confident after weeks and weeks of posing practice. Use this last week just to "fine tune"! CLICK HERE FOR LAST MINUTE POSING ASSISTANCE
  • To stay relaxed and have fun: Your hard work has paid off! Stay confident and enjoy yourself! The fun part is finally here!

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