Sunday, March 13, 2011

What in BAKED BEANS IS THIS????Welcome to week 5!

Welcome to Week-5 and I'm "straight west coastin'"!
I'm getting nervous  which is normal for me. I start getting OCD about everything from my workouts to my hair and makeup. Good news is that I keep my eyes on the prize and my focus forward. No cutting corners at this point.
However, I am human and I have accepted that. I've had a few bobbles here and there, one including a 2am meet- up with a 3- year old can of baked beans in my kitchen cabnet. Cold and straight out the can. It wasn't until I was halfway though devouring the can of cold baked beans that I came to my senses. Who would've ever thought a can of uncooked baked beans would have ever tasted so "yummy and delicious"? Well the can is gone now and all temptations are out of my kitchen. There isn't a bag of popcorn, jar of peanut butter  box of jiffy mix or can of soup anywhere in sight. Sadly, this is what I have to do. If I can manage to make something with a few cans of kidney beans and a bottle of flax seed oil, then we are in trouble!
I have my new Tamee Marie suit now which I really, really love! I'm considering saving it until a bigger show, since it's super, glitzy but I haven't decided.
I'm still feeling positive and hopeful and will keep moving forward as I always do. All I know is that without the immense support from my  family, friends and clients, there is no way I would be as focused as I am.
This update is for you <3

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