Thursday, July 19, 2012

Epic Figures Competitor Feature: Shanon!

 Epic Figures Competitor Feature:
Shanon, a 40 something year old Attorney from Chicago, has been competing with Epic Figures for the past 2.5 years! Shanon has made a full body transformation by dropping an ASTONISHING 45 pounds. Through sheer hard work and determination, Shanon has reached a level of physical fitness that she hadn't ever thought possible and she is hungry for more!
Shanon's before and after!!!
 One thing is for sure, Shanon puts it down in the gym. Shanon lifts weights heavier than most guys in the gym and is never afraid to lift heavier! Shanon doesn't complain in the gym, however, she will grow very silent, when she is no longer "happy" with her workout and when she's ready for the "torture" to end.
Shanon helped coin "A$$ Tuesday" and definitely intergal in putting A$$ Tuesday on the map.
Shanon is entering her prep season now and getting ready for the the NPC Continental October 6, 2012 in Ottawa. I am confident that Shanon is gearing up for her best package and conditioning ever. Shanon has a work ethic and a drive that is tough to match. Shanon has hopes and dreams that she has no problem making them come true.
I am proud and honored that she has chosen me to be apart of her journey!
Go Shanon! Go Shanon!!!

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