Sunday, March 7, 2010

Build HER Biceps!

I have to say that I have truly enjoyed the last three months of bulking and building. I have my curves back and muscles just keep growing! I have discovered that lifting heavy is SUCH A PLEASURE! I love going the distance! I love loading the rack with 45lbs plates I hearing people whisper, "Is she really going to squat THAT?!?!?!"

Most of all, I have enjoyed eating foods that are healthy, energy providing and clean. 

For weeks after my last contest on November 7, 2009, I enjoyed hamburgers, pizza, fries, fried catfish, barbecue wings, and lots of cake!!! I really thought I missed eating those foods. Soon, I found out that it wasn't the food that I missed but the social activities that normally surrounded those foods that I had avoided for months. I didn’t want to risk falling into temptation, so I started avoided occasions with family and friends that I knew would include foods that I just shouldn’t be eating. I didn’t have the wherewithal to just say, "NO!"

After so many months of contest prepping, I had forgotten how to eat like a normal person. It actually took time and the help of a nutritionist for me to find my balance!

So now, 4 months later as I head into contest season, I understand that eating is FOR LIFE. You eat for energy, you eat to restore and you eat to heal. I love the energy that eating clean, whole and healthy foods provides. I can get through any workout and lift as heavy as I want!

I’m a 100% natural figure competitors and I’m building healthy muscle just by eating clean and exercising regularly.

Yes! I can be done. 

See you on the stage at NATIONALS IN JUNE!
Ill be documenting my journey here ;)

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