Thursday, January 21, 2010

What would it take??

What would it take?

I pose this question to myself and anyone else who would love to chime in!
What would it take for you to make the changes necessary in your life to reach your full potential? Do you just need 24 hours, one more week, one last hearty meal, a wedding to plan, a heart attack, a show to compete in or a wake up call?

Dont worry Im didnt use this blog to preach but as an opportunity to discuss what it might take for us to change our lives for the better. Why do we settle for ok? Why are we happy being mediocre? As I have discussed before, looking healthy doesnt mean being happy.

In my field, I have met the most amazing looking people with 'screwed up mentals'. No joke. You meet alot of people who are using their physical appearance to compensate for low self esteem and body dysmorphia.
Dont be BIG on the outside and be "LITTLE MINDED"! Get outta here!

So I ask everyone, what will it take for you to be healthy inside and out?

A support group?
Someone to hold you accountable like a therapist or trainer?
A swift kick in the ass?



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