Thursday, June 3, 2010

2.5 weeks out and I'm on Autopilot!!!

I am officially 2.5 weeks out from NPC Jr. Nationals! Im feeling pretty good!
I received my updated nutrition plan on Tuesday. The good part, is that he believes in carbs so Im having items such as sweet potatoes and brown rice regularly. The bad part is that he took out my greek yogurt! That was my only YUMMY GOODNESS!!!
As far as my workouts, Im still weight training 4days/ week but I have added sprints and intervals to my 5x/ week cardio program. Its pretty intense, but Im confident it will get me to where I want to go!


  1. Yay, Chaya! You look great!! I'll do everything I can to keep you on track. Luv ya!

  2. I'm inspried for srue. This why I purchased the Insanity workout last evening-60 days they promise me but the work is more than challenging I hear.

  3. Thanks Ajana! You're the best photographer! Thanks for hiding the bread, bananas and peanut in plain view in your room. Right now, sheer will power and "operation auto pilot" are keeping me on track!

    Oh whoops to the extra rice cakes I ate yesterday!

  4. Hey Rebecca! I think we keep each other inspired! Its one thing to prepare for a competition or event but it is quite another to take on a healthy and active LIFESTYLE! That's where the real committment begins! Way to go!
    Whats the Insanity workout?
    Sounds, insane? :)