Sunday, February 13, 2011

"My Jeggings are baggy!" 9-weeks out progress post

Welcome to week 3 with 9 more weeks to go!
Getting dressed these days are becoming "un-fun" as my leggings and skinny jeans are starting to look a bit baggy. Ah well I guess that comes with the territory. I guess I cant have everything!

All jokes aside, this has been the most enjoyable prep I have done BY FAR! The meals are pretty similar to what they were last prep and the workouts are focused, pre- planned and to the point! My energy is high is my focus is "dead-on"! My suits (yes plural) have all been ordered for the 2011 contest season and my competitions have all been chosen. There is nothing standing in my way and the support around me of family, friends and other competitors is "inspiring" to say the least! I am excited for what the season will bring and enjoying every step of the way!

I have truly been blessed with amazing friends, both old and new! I can't believe I am doing this, but here are my 9- week out progress photos. The best is yet to come! Please be kind!

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