Thursday, April 19, 2012

Only one week and some change...

There is only one week and a few days remaining until I step on the stage to compete since NPC Team Universe 2011. It really feels good to be back in my groove again.
Reflecting back to 2011 competition year, I know that I come along way, physically but mostly mentally and spiritually. Last year was a whirlwind! My season started off by my first Overall placing at a NPC event in Iowa. My season peaked with a first place finish in figure class E at NPC Jr Nationals and finished with a 6th place trophy at Team Universe.
I was so wiped out after 7 long months of continuous dieting. My body had enough and I was ready for an off season. I knew I had to be productive for once. I had previously had off seasons where I would stay about 8-10 pounds from contest weight but never putting on the size I needed to really present a new package. I knew I wanted to do different this time around, so I did. I put on the size and had to learn to be comfortable walking around 25 pounds more that I would ever think I could grow used to.
Physically it was easy, mentally, not so much. None of my clothes fit and sometimes I couldn't even recognize myself. I questioned if it was worth all of this.  I asked myself why put myself through such torture. I had to learn to accept me, big or small.
I had a responsibility to do better, for myself, family, friends, clients, associates and everyone else who supported my journey. I never knew how much the win at 2011 NPC Jr National meant to so many people! There I was, one of six beautiful, amazing, African American women who were also winners of their figure class. For once, aspiring figure competitors had 6 women to look up to! So I knew then that I couldn't quit and that I had to do better. This was bigger than me...
So here we are, embarking on a new year of competitions. There will be highs and there will be lows, but I won't stop putting forth my best. It doesn't mean I will always be NUMBER ONE but it will mean that I will always be striving for a better me!
Here's to a great new season!

Photo courtesy of Black Women Do Workout

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