Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Officially broke up with my BOO Mrs. Winters :(

Good news? Ive been eating clean for the most part and have seen some healthy gains :) Whoohoo!
Bad news? I so could have done better! Im a SLAVE to cake and don't get me started on my BOO Mrs. Winters! Everyone from the south side of Chicago should know who Mrs. Winters is. She makes these ridiculously HUGE cake HUNKS found in your friendly neighborhood J and Js, Harolds, Walgreens and more.
Mrs. Winters is the DEBIL and she gets me everytime with the 2 for $5.00 cakes at the cash register.
So I had to break up with Mrs. Winters. At least its a trial separation for now :)
She tried to get me today with her Lunchroom butter cookies! NO AVAIL! Get behind me Mrs. Winters!
 I am 100% on during the week and will enjoy a treat on the weekend. Until then, its game time!


  1. Oh my GOSH ROFL!! I came in here ready to console you thinking you and your boo called it quits LOL! Well congrats on you true break up LOL!

  2. Im mean we are on hiatus. Clearly she doesnt have my best interest at heart. Sadly, we are co-dependent. Ill probably be back :)