Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome to my Fitness Blog!

Welcome to my first entry! I am so excited to start my blog and continue my lifelong fitness journey with you! Fitness is a way of life for me and I can't imagine it not being apart of my life. Even as a small child, I remember my mother taking me to her aerobics classes. She made sure that she enrolled me in ballet and gymnastics early on. I was lucky to have a mom like her <3. Currently I work as an Exercise Physiolgist and Personal Trainer in the Chicagoland area. I LOVE IT! I'm also a budding figure competitor. I started off as a professional dancer and just couldn't stay away from the stage after I ended that part of my career. So here I am! I'll be competing at least twice this year, with one competition being on the National level.
I am so happy to have you to be a part of my new blog! I'll be sharing amazing nutrition tips, exercise ideas, videos and more! Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks Betsy! You've been there since the beginning!

  2. Ok...I think I have mine up to. How do I find out my website? And now you can follow me too!

  3. Im on it! Ill be your first follower!