Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You read correctly GIT BIG! Im currently enjoying an amazing offseason diet! I have my LIFE back, kinda :)
I competed two times in 2009 with the NPC and did pretty well. My conditioning was spot on according to the judges I just need MORE SIZE. So I am enjoying a 4 day split these days lifting HEAVY and no cardio. Life just doesn't get any better. Im lifting heavier than I ever have and Im expecting to see those numbers to continue to go up!
I plan to compete in May in a regional NPC show and then compete in my first National NPC show in June if everything goes well! I just need to GIT BIG. So Im eating clean but Im eating more and enjoying every last bite! Carbs really are my friend. Its only been about 6 weeks and Im already seeing some slight gains! Ill be posting updated phots in the next week or so but these were taken in December. Please ignore the white socks and the clear heels :)


  1. sorry, hard to ignoire the white socks and clear heels...lol