Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My neck, my back....Im back!

Sorry for the hiatus! All is well!

I have a question that I would like to pose for the ladies:
What is most important to you when you think about your ideal shape?
A. Achieving the hour glass figure
B. Getting small shapely noticeable muscles
C. Getting as slim as healthly possible
D. Making sure your top matches your bottom
E. Other

For me my ideal shape seems to be a forever uphill battle! First off, I whole heartedly believe that everyone should incorporate exercise regularly in their day to day. So assuming that we are all doing this or trying our best, it just still seems hard to just be happy with what you've got.
In my sport of figure bodybuilding, exercise and nutrition are paramount when training during your off-season and on- season. In order to grow in your off-season you have to eat more but stay clean in your choices and in your on season you are eating a bit less and you MUST stay clean in your choices. I just seem to have a hard time growing in certain places, namely my back and shoulders. Some may say  that I have great shoulders. Dont get me wrong, Im happy to have shoulders but growing them remains and ongoing challenge.

Until I achieve this impossible dream, I will continue to love and appreciate my shoulders and watch them grow, slowly. It will happen in time.

So this goes for all of you ladies as well. Whether its a hour glass figure you  desire or slender muscles, it will come! Just stay patient and remain on the  path.

If you need a workout plan to get you there, please let me know :)


  1. chaya,

    thanks for the blogg. i am still concerned that even when we say that we should be patient in developing our body what appears to be the underlying motivation in our development is a unrealistic striving to be and look like somebody else. we seem to loose our self in the need to look better than. what has this to do with being mentally, physicallly, emotionally, and spiritually healthy? i am concerned

  2. I would agree and say that health is all encompassing. Skinny does not mean healthy. Fat does not mean unhealthy. Healthy doesnt look a certain way. Are you "healthy" if you happen to be a 100 year old smoker? Is healthy a 30 year old cancer patient?
    Health has no age or look.
    Real health starts from within! If you are mentally healthy and aware, you will treat your body like the temple that it really is. If you are not mentally healthy, you will abuse it.
    Being in hospitals and fitness centers for most of my adult life you see your run of the mill.
    Ive seen 40 year old women on their death beds in hospitals who have never smoked a cigarette, always eaten healthy, stayed active and had faith in a higher power. Unfortunately, they were stricken with enlarged hearts, strokes and cancers that they just could not control.
    Ive also seen 40 year old women who appeared healthy but were afraid to eat a cracker, smoked cigarettes to keep their weight down and took caffeine to have enough energy to workout.
    How fair is that?!?!
    Happy are those who are conscious of their spiritual needs. Heathly are those who are "aware".
    I believe the first woman who died fairly soon after I met her, died, healthy :)